I wasn't supposed to write a second part but I guess it just had to be done. Let me know what you think. Hit the comments. Enjoy!


Alicia sat at the bar of the same cafe/bakery where she and Gerard met up a few hours earlier. She sipped from her water and tapped her phone.


She was ten minutes early. She was contemplating on whether to order a drink when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. Couldn't find my wallet."

"Hey. It's fine, I got here a little earlier."

"What are you drinking?"

"Just water but we can order if you like."

"Hmm... Um, If it's ok with you, my hotel's just across the street. We can, um, relax there. You know, talk in private."

"Oh ok."


Gerard's heart was racing. He had spent most of the afternoon thinking what to say and decided to just give it to her straight but one step at a time. Step one: check.

Alicia gathered her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Part of her was scared but the other part knew it was at the back of their minds all this time. And she had to admit, she was excited.

As he followed Alicia out of the cafe/bakery, Gerard looked at her back from head to toe. She was wearing a dark blue dress that hugged her body, accentuating Alicia's curves. He loved the way her buttocks would bounce with each step. He was still staring, imagining if she was wearing a thong or not when she laughed.

"See anything you like?"

They were walking past a store that had a huge mirror outside. Gerard looked to his right and saw her looking at him.

"Um, I thought I saw a mosquito..." Gerard stammered.

Alicia stopped and faced him. She put both her hands on his cheeks and planted a kiss on his lips. Softly. After a few seconds, she pulled back and smiled at him.

"It's fine."

She went beside him, held his hand and nodded at him. They started walking in peaceful silence, whatever awkwardness and nervousness wiped away by their kiss.

It was like they just knew.

They understood.

Gerard and Alicia crossed Orchard Road and walked a short distance to Holiday Inn Express where he wax billeted.

"I'll just stop by the concierge. Meet you by the elevators." he said.

"No problem."

Alicia made her way to the elevators and saw Gerard's reflection on the lobby's mirrors. He wasn't that tall. A little round, actually but he didn't slouch and had that dignified and confident look. He was wearing a brown long sleeved button down shirt, dark blue jeans and black Onitsuka Tigers. She then looked at herself and softly pulled on the fabric near her tummy. She made a face as she thought her dress was too tight. She was wearing white Stan Smiths and made a mental note to wipe the little smudge she noticed at the front of the right shoe.

"Nice kicks."

"Thanks. Bought them last week. Anything important?" she asked, looking at the envelope he was now holding.

"Nah, my boss sent me our certificates from the seminar." he answered as he pressed on the elevator button.

"I see."


He led her inside the car, swiped his room key card, and pressed 11. A Japanese family of three joined them before the elevator doors closed.


As the family got down on the 3rd floor, Gerard stepped closed to her, his chest an inch or so from her back. Alicia could feel his breath on her neck. The doors closed and they stood in front of yet another mirror. As they looked at each other's reflection, Gerard put his hands on her waist and softly kissed her nape. He could feel her goosebumps as he planted another kiss on the side of her neck. Alicia closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


The doors opened and Gerard held her hand, leading her out.

"1121. This way." he pointed with a nod of his head.

They walked again in silence as they headed to his room. He placed his key on the sensor and pulled the doorknob down. Gerard then placed his keycard on the master switch and the room was flooded by lights.

"Nice room." she remarked.

"Thanks. Paid for by the good people of AZN Connect Global Inc. Hahaha! Excuse me while I go to the bathroom"

"Sure." Alicia answered as she looked around.

"Make yourself comfortable. Grab anything from the minibar!" Gerard shouted from the bathroom.

Alicia made her way to to the window and looked down. Below, she could see the hustle bustle of Orchard Road. Five years here and she still can't believe how everything was so systematic, so disciplined. She closed her eyes and smiled. She knew she was just filling her mind with random things. The nervousness had returned and inside her blouse, her heart was pounding.

At the same moment, Gerard spat out a mouthful of Listerine and looked at his face on the mirror. Why was he feeling tense? He opened the faucet and splashed water on his cheeks, rubbing them and eventually his whole face. He opened his eyes and watched the droplets of water run down to the sink. Gerard grabbed three pulls of tissue and dabbed his face dry. He got another two and wiped the wet parts of the sink. He opened the door and saw Alicia standing in front of the window.

She smiled. He smiled back.

It was like they just knew.

They understood.

To be concluded... Or not. :)