hewo guys sowi fo the long wait, been quite busy with work and personal life (wink wink) anyhoo where were we? Oh yes… we continue with almost a broken frame…

We finally patched things up with our beloved Acey, she reconciled with Li, and our friendship became more stronger, passionate and romantic than ever. Li brought a bubbly (dom perignon) and some of her exquisite flavored party sticks we got a wee bit stoned after drinking eating and smoking we tidy things up and went up to my room. I went in first to check the boys especially the little horny indian monkey since we’re just in our knickers and shirts. “I think the wee munchkins and the lil goblin are asleep” I whispered as I dim the lights and the lovely sluts jumped on to my bed giggling loudly. “Shh! Oh shut it you bloody bitches!” I hushed them but they kept on fucking taunting, giggling and laughing loudly gawd were they so fucking bloody stoned and pissed (drunk) and then the bitches pulled me on the bed.

I had our favorite songs play on loop on my Ipod and I tenderly held their cheeks and caressed them behind the ears, “gawd I love you both so so so much” I whispered. We kissed and caressed each other in ragingly scorching alcohol and weed amplified passions. Li motioned with her eyes and we both kiss suck lick Ace all over her gorgeous anne curtis-esque face and neck (well, not a fan of that bitch and Acey is a wee bit prettier but hey I can’t bloody think of any other heehee and anne is the closest and most familiar to you guys). “gawd I missed you so much bonbons” Li whispered lovingly while she suck and lick her ear and I go for her other side, sucking kissing licking every delicious inch of the supple white flesh, getting more turned on with their very sexy moaning.

Acey responded with loud passion induced moaning and whimpering. Li tenderly held my nape and we lovingly suck and nibble our soft sweet lips and Ace worked her lovely lips and tongue on our cheeks ears and neck. “Turn the lights up sugar” Li whispered, I giggled as I gently pull and suck her lips, “uhm you know fucking well that there are little men in the bedroom?” I whispered back “Pleeeaase baby, I want to see you both” Li murmured with an aching look in her eyes, I smiled and then kissed her passionately whilst caressing her nape and behind the ear. I slowly reached for the panel for the lights, staring lovingly at Li as I make the ambient lights go as if we are being bathed in a heavenly light that is coming from above us.

Li smiled and mouthed I love you as she caressed my cheek and behind the ear, I moaned as I savor the delicious feel of her warm and supple fingers as it slowly go down my neck and shoulder and then fondle my bosoms outside my thin cotton sando shirt. The ac is on and yet we’re all fucking hot and sweating, our thin shirts clinged to our wet bodies showing how stiff our nipples were. Li went moaning, lip biting and turning her head as Acey hungrily suck and lick her, whilst holding her head, her lovely mouth slowly moving down Li’s long, slender and supple neck, pulling Li’s shirt as she went sucking and licking to her exposed shoulder. Li seemed got so passionately mad at the exquisite pleasure Acey is giving her, her hand went inside my sweaty shirt and knead and squeeze my bosoms a wee bit hard and also twist and pull my hard nipples. The seething pleasure made me suck and lick Acey very fucking wild, mimicking her every action on Li’s face ears neck and shoulders. My hand also went inside Li’s shirt and kneaded squeezed her lovely firm bosoms, twisting and pulling her very stiff nipples.

Acey had her arms around my and Li’s hips, pressing our bodies even harder as her sexy thick lips and tongue pleasured me exactly as they did Li whilst her supple hands went kneading and squeezing very hard, going back and forth our hips, thighs and bums. Li’s equally sensual mouth also pleasured every inch of Acey’s cheek, ears neck nape and shoulder and we went on until our earlobes became pinkish red and we had kissing or rather sucking marks on our necks and shoulders. Li and I tenderly kissing licking and sucking Ace as we slowly pull her hello kitty undershirt up, exposing her firm supple boobies with their pink cherry like nipples glistening in sweat.

“Oh gawd how I fucking missed these, bon bons” Li murmured as her oriental as we fondle Acey’s gorgeous breasts, gently twisting and pulling the reddish pink nips. “Do you?” Ace murmured back smiling teasingly and then going bitelipped as she sexilly pull the lace on Li’s thin undershirt and exposing her equally gorgeous bosoms. Li’s c cuppies with their luscious light brown nipples were also glistening in sweat. “I think bonbons missed yours as well” I said giggling as AC caressed Li’s bosoms. “mmm that feels so good bon bons” Li murmured as she savored Acey’s fondling of her boobies. Our mouths again went sucking and licking, exploring Acey’s face, ears and neck whilst fondling each other’s bosoms and then slowly our hands slowly crawl down Acey’s body and dipping inside her moist thin knickers.

“Mmmphhh! Ohhh my gawd oh my lovely darlings!” Ace exclaimed loudly as our supple fingers fondled her soft wet virgin pussy. Acey began to whimper with tears flowing as we finger fuck her very tight lovehole, going gently but very deep, and Li has the longest slender and supple fingers and Acey’s head went tossing and often she would press her face on either my neck or Li’s. “Ohh baby you’re so wet!” Li exclaimed as her supple long fingers fucked very deep and Acey’s lovejuice poured profusely as her tears kept flowing. “You both make me so fucking hot and so fucking wet! I love you both so so much!” Ace whimpered as she caressed our napes. “We love you too bon bons, so so so much” I murmured as I plant soft kisses on her lovely face and suck her soft red lips.

Our mouths slowly went down not leaving Acey’s supple white skin and suckled each of her luscious bosoms and Ace went whimpering and moaning even louder as our hot mouths made her pink nipples very stiff and her arms hang limp as she went moaning and whimpering even louder as we suckle and lick her lovely bosoms. As we went on suckling and finger fucking her I shuddered and gasped when I saw gumi over Li’s shoulder, he was about 5 feet from our bed. “Oh gawd!” I exclaimed “what it is sugar?” Li whispered, “Uhmm gumi is watching” I whispered back “oohhh kinky shall we let him watch?” Li said smiling teasingly “bitch!” I said with a frowned giggling. “So what now baby?” Li whispered “uhmm keep on going baby, I don’t to want our sweet baby’s night ruined just because of a little ugly kid” I said smiling. I pulled down my shirt and fixed myself and then got off the our bed.
“Oohh you look very pretty!” gumi exclaimed as he saw me just in my shirt and undies “you’re such a fucking horny little devil aren’t you” I said and gumi looked puzzled as he didn’t understood what I’ve said. “What you pretty ladies doing?” gumi asked in his annoying indian accent “well uhmm we uhh the pretty ladies are just playing” I replied in a low but stern voice. I went down by gumi to check the pillows I stacked and gumi was only able to see part of Li’s back and just a little above Acey’s boobies. “And why are you up you horny little goblin?” I said with an eyebrow raised, holding gumi’s chin because he is looking at my body. “Uh not sleepy, I saw you come into room and you make noises” gumi replied “Oh? So you’re only pretending to sleep your horny little ears heard all that huh you fucking horny little bastard?” I said and gumi again looked puzzled with what I said.

“So how are we pretty bitches doing here?” I said leaning on the pillows Li “is the bloody little imp still watching?” Li asked with her hand still inside Acey’s very wet knickers “uhm yeahuh but he barely see anything with these pillows stacked I said giggling. “Oh my gawd you’re both so beautiful and fucking hot!” I murmured and Li held my nape and kissed me passionately and Ace sucked and licked my ears and neck. “Uhmphh baby ohmm my gawd n-nno! Uh he’s uhh…” I said panting caressing Li’s cheek. “Join us sugar, please” Ace murmured “I want too baby” I murmured back and passionately kissed Ace whilst fondling her bosoms.

Li sexilly pulled Ace’s knickers off and then Ace opened her lovely legs even wider, and then parts her very wet pussy lips which were so swollen and flushing reddish pink. “I’m so hot and wet for you my beautiful darlings” Ace said whimpering, aching with desire. “Ohh sweetie” I said and I went up the bed and knelt by the pillows, I locked lips with Acey we kissed long and deep while fondling her firm swelling bosoms, forgetting all about the ugly indian boy. Li joined in the passionate kissing and fondling and then we stared at each other’s eyes mouthing I love you. “Join us sugar, please” Ace pleaded again in an aching voice “Later sweetie” I whispered as I got out of my sensual trance and remembered gumi watching. “This night is yours bon bons, I want you to enjoy it with Li” I said as I caress Ace behind the ear “Our night, sugar” Ace said staring lovingly as she held Li’s knickers sides, and Li smiled tenderly as she lifts her bums and Ace and I sexilly pull her sopping wet striped knickers off. I took both of their sopping wet knickers to my cheeks and sniffed the sweet scent of their lovejuices. Li moved herself towards Ace, legs spread and their vaginas almost touching. I groaned as I look at my two lovelies’ smooth hairless pussies, both swollen and flushing like delicate pink orchids very wet of dew and nectar.

Ace pushed one of the stacked pillows to my side and she lifted my shirt up exposing my bosoms. “Uhmm baby nooo” I said motioning with my eyes at the ugly kid just a few feet away from the bed. I tried to pull my shirt down but Li also held it up. I gasped and moan as Ace licked and suckled my bosoms whilst fondling Li’s bosoms. Li also joined in and suckled and licked my other bosom as she fondled Acey’s. The seething pleasure seem to put me into an erotic trance again and let them continue since the pillow that Ace pushed made gumi barely able to see what’s fucking going on.
I reached inside my sopping wet knickers and rubbed and fingered myself. “Your bumbooms very pretty!” gumi said I turned and saw him behind me looking at my bums “Hey you, go back to bed” I whispered pantingly “what you doing?” he said grinning like an imp. “Uh we uh still playing uhhh!” I replied in pants “you make loud noise what you playing?” he said and ignored him and I tried to make Li and Ace stop their licking and suckling but they went even harder still holding my shirt up. Li held Acey’s hips and pulled her and they pressed their soft wet pussies hard that they gasped and groaned very loudly. My two lovelies tribbed hard whilst suck pulling and licking my bosoms, the sexy squishing sounds their pussies make and the strong sweet scent of their lovejuices got me more blazing hot, again I dipped inside my knickers and fondled and fingered myself.

I then felt gumi’s dark little hands on my bums “h-hey st-s-stop” I whispered in pants, but he went on touching my bums. “Oh my gawd!” I exclaimed as gumi then pulled down my knickers to my knees, “ooohh very pretty bumbooms!” gumi exclaimed and he began squeezing and kneading my bums very hard. “Uhmm n-noo, s-stop you filthy bastard!” I said gasping and groaning, getting even more hot and wet with the added pleasure, I can’t understand why it felt so kinky, as I went on touching myself. “S-stop it” I exclaimed in pants and Li and Ace looked up to me “Uhm baby? Why do you want us to stop?” Acey murmured as she and Li looked at me tenderly “no not you my sweeties” I murmured as I caress them both behind the ears, “then why the bloody fuck you said stop babe?” Li said and then they both smiled when they saw that my knickers were pulled down to my knees. Li then fondled my pussy and mouthed I love you and again suckled and licked my bosoms. “Ohhh baby” I murmured going bitelipped and before I can make her stop Acey held my nape and pulled me and kissed me very hard and deep and joined Li in fondling my pussy and fingered me hard and deep.
Their supple fingers went fucking me hard and deep, unaware an ugly little imp squeezing and kneading my bums adding to the pleasure. “Ohhh I love you both sooo much” I said with tears flowing as I held them, each taking turns torridly kissing with me and suckling my bosoms whilst grinding their pussies very hard. My lovejuice flowed and trickled down my thighs, as my body felt even more blazing from the inside. I turned to look at gumi grinning devilishly as he went on squeezing and kneading my bums, I lowered my bums so he wouldn’t see fingers fucking my lovehole deep and hard in case he hasn’t. “S-stop it you filthy bastard” I murmured again, Li and Ace stopped suckling me and pulled their fingers from pussy, “hmm? Everything ok baby?” Acey murmured and then she and Li sexilly sucked my juices from each other’s fingers “mmm so fucking sweet and yummy” Li murmured. “Uhm not you my sweet babies not you” I murmured and kissed them both and then motioned with my eyes at the nasty little imp at my back.

They slowly looked behind me and saw gumi grinning as he went on squeezing and kneading my bums. They gasped and covered their mouths and exclaimed “oh my gawd!” they said almost in unison, “the dirty little bugger” Li whispered and Ace giggled softly. “Did he pulled down your knickers?” Acey whispered “mhmm” I replied nodding “does he know what were doing?” Li whispered “no I don’t think so” I replied “it’s rather weird but it’s a wee bit kinky” Li said giggling and Acey went grinning bitelipped “how does it feel sugar?” Ace whispered “well uhm it does feel kind of bloody kinky and uhm, sexy” I said and then going bitelipped “what now luv? Shall we continue?” Li whispered as she caresses my arm. “Mhmm” I replied nodding “for bon bons…” I murmured as I caress Acey’s cheek and behind her ear.

We kissed each other hard and deep as they went on rubbing their pussies very hard while squeezing my bosoms. “You do look so fucking sexy sugar” Li whispered “doesn’t she bon bons?” and Acey nodded, giggling softly bitelipped “it’s so fucking kinkly, like you have an ugly little imp playing with your bums” she said giggling. We went on until I then felt gumi’s hand slide on my fanny, making me gasp and groan loudly bitelipped and before I utter a word Li and Ace again suckled my bosoms while fondling them. “Oh fuck!, ohh my gawd!” I exclaimed as gumi’s fingers went like wriggling fat brown worms on my fanny, rubbing, squezzing and going hard between my swollen. The seething pleasures on my love areas were so fucking overwhelming I felt so weak as I struggled to pull gumi’s hand from my pussy. I again gasped and groaned loudly, gripping hard on the pillow as I felt gumi’s fingers go in my sopping wet lovehole. “Everything alright baby?” Ace murmured, smiling as she looked at me tenderly and caressing my cheek and behind the ear. “Mhmm” I pantingly replied, forcing a smile “I love you so much bon bons” I murmured as I plant soft kisses on her face. I went gasping and groaning loudly again as the dark little fingers went in deep and hard.

Li stopped suckling my bosom, and I pulled down my shirt. “Hey sweetie, we still ok?” she whispered caressing me behind the ear “Hey” I murmured back smiling “hows the horny little bugger?” she said with a teasing look “Getting more fucking horny are we?” “oh shut up and kiss me bitch!” I said giggling and pulled her by her nape and we kissed torridly while Ace sucked and licked my neck and earlobes. “gawd I love you so much ricecakes, I love you and bonbons so so so much” I whispered with tears flowing, overwhelmed with the seething pleasures and blazingly hot passions as we pantingly went moaning, sucking each other’s lips. I reached down and tried to pull the devilish dark little hand from my fanny, struggling with the uncanny and extremely seething pleasure, but my hand seemed to be getting more weak and numb as I try to make him stop fondling until I let go of his hand and let him continue with his “molesting” totally submitting to the forbidden pleasuring.
My hips began to sway and rock up and down, grimacing in extreme erotic pleasure and hot burning passions. I put the pillows aside and then went down licked and sucked the hard grinding pussies, while kneading and squeezing their smooth round bums. “Ohh gawd that felt so good sugar” Li murmured between pants “ohh s-sweetie uhmm” Ace whispered as she caress my head. My licking and sucking made them even more hot and wet and their clits very stiff. I went on loving their grinding pussies with my mouth whilst kneading and squeezing their bums, my hips rocking and swaying to the seething forbidden pleasuring of dark little fingers my pussy, hot lovejuice began to tricle down my thighs. Li went down and we torridly kissed and then together we licked and sucked Acey’s soft wet fanny, her fingers fucking it gently but deeply, pushing the full length of her long slender fingers in.

Acey’s went groaning and screaming and her body spasmic, caressing our heads as she went squirming and arching forward, Li and I went moaning loudly as well as we lick and suck her sweet warm lovejuices from her swollen red fanny. Gumi’s fingers went on fondling my fanny, squeezing, rubbing hard between the swollen labias then suddenly, they went in hard my tight lovehole, bringing my thighs together. The sensation was so fucking intense, making me almost bite Acey’s clit. I slowly move up, kissing, licking and Li followed until we reached Acey’s lovely face, planting tender kisses and licking it all over. I pull up Ace’s shirt, again exposing her sexy bosoms, sucking, kissing and encircling the pink stiff nipples with my tongue. Again I felt the worm like fingers shoving hard in my lovehole and I lightly bit a nipple making Ace groan. “Uhmm oh sorry sweet baby, did I hurt you hmm?” I murmured as I petted and planted kisses on Acey’s face, “mhmm just a wee bit, you haven’t done that before, it’s uhm kinky” Acey replied teasingly and I mouthed I love you. Li sucked and licked her bosoms as I fondle them whilst torridly kissing with Ace. “Tell ricecakes to suck harder, and uhm also do what you just did” Acey murmured.

“You liked that bon bons?” I murmured back “mhmm” Acey replied smiling sweetly. I locked mouths with her and then whispered to Li what Acey wanted. “Oh I’d love too” Li murmured “but uhm I want us doing it together.” I smiled and giggled softly caressing Li behind her ear and together we licked and sucked Acey’s boobies, gently biting and pulling the stiff pink nipples with our teeth. “Ohhh that feels so good my sweet babies!” Acey exclaimed as she caressed our heads. Li then took my hand and took it to Acey’s fanny and she looked at me and I understood she wants us to finger fuck Acey together.

to be continued