Hello, here is part 2, I hope I didn’t put you guys into too much suspense.

I said I am not going to a motel with him, and he laughed and said “We are not going to a motel. In fact, we are not leaving this fast food.” I was just dumbfounded and he held my hand and we walked towards…….

……the disabled persons cr.

I was so shocked and actually stopped. I was telling him that I am not getting in there because people will be going to use that and that it’s a public place in a public fast food. He just said that it is already taken care of and it’s late and they will use the regular ones. I was still very reluctant about this when he said not to worry because we won’t be bothered. This is when I saw the cleaning crew guy by the door with a sign that would block the cr door once I think we get in. I was still in shock looking at the guy and the cleaning crew and back to the guy with the guy giving me a knowing smile as he led me inside while the cleaning crew guy said “Enjoy your meal Mam Sir” and closed the door.

Inside, I was still a bit in shock when he put my back against the door and started kissing me and running his hands on my body. He lifted my dress to again touch my clit which felt good. He then was lifting my dress higher to reach my chest but I still had my jacket (well more like cardigan) on which he had to take off first. Once that was taken care of, he then proceeded to lift my dress and moved his hands up my bra. I told him to not break my bra and unclasp it for him and he was immediately upon my breasts. He was sucking them alternately and giving them quick bites. While his mouth and his one hand was busy with my breasts, his other hand continued to explore my wetness which was already getting quite wet. All I did was hold on to his head as he fully got my dress off me. I was a little afraid because he might want me to do it on a standing position but he wanted me up against the other wall so I can hold on the railing near the toilet. As he led me there, I was telling him to lock the door to which he said it’s taken care of. I thought he did lock the door but a surprise will be coming my way later.

As he got me to the wall, he had me put a leg on top of the toilet bowl and had my butt balanced on the railing and with my wetness open, he crouched down and started to eat me. His style of eating was ok, but I would have to make the “Ok” an overstatement. It was a bit clumsy and the rhythm was a little off. I moved my hips a bit to kind of show him or give him an idea of a rhythm. I specially didn’t like that he would stop after a few licks then open my lower lips, then lick, then stop then continue licking until I just flat out said “If you want me to enjoy this you better not stop and build a rhythm.” He then apologized and started doing better. As I was getting the pleasure I wanted, the door suddenly opened. I really felt my heart stop that time but the guy was still licking me. I am not sure how to explain this but I felt scared and pleasured at the same time and the cleaning guy came in and locked the door.

My voice got a little high when I asked him if he locked it and he said that he took care of it. He then stopped and said that he took care of it meaning that he already talked to the guy and he would want to watch and in return he would put a sign that it is under repair. I was getting really mad not but he started touching me again and I was feeling good and getting mad at the same time and I was speechless in both rage and pleasure. The cleaning guy just said that we just continue and he won’t bother.

With that as a signal, the guy stood up, got out his thing and went behind me. One of my hands was holding the railing while I was facing the cleaning crew while the guy started to enter me. He started slow, at he was feeling me and me feeling him, and then he slowly started to go faster. He went faster and faster that I had a hard time with my balance though he was holding my hips but I can’t help falling forward. The cleaning guy was just watching and was starting to touch himself which was also making me hotter. I was not sure if it was the pounding or the ideas of this thing that is making me hotter but as I look at him and look deeply at him, I let out my right index finger and gave him the “come here” gesture.

He knew what it meant and obediently went closer. I also had another reason for this because with him in front of me, I have something...now someone to hold on to. I held his shoulders, while he was touching my breasts. He was starting to suck my breasts, and would move to me to kiss me. I kissed him back in return though with the other guy’s motion behind me, we tend to hit our noses against each other. He then just decided to suck my breast and then his other hand went to my wetness. This really made me so hot; I was taking it fast and hard while another was touching my favorite part to be touched. His fingers were also getting faster and I was actually biting him at times until I had my orgasm. He was also touching his own hardness, I wanted to touch him but I was getting so much pleasure that I can hardly move.

The guy behind me said he was about to cum when he pulled out and came on the floor. A bit went to my butt area but most of it went to the floor. The cleaning crew was still touching himself when I smiled and offer to finish it for him. I started pumping him, it wasn’t slow anymore because he already had a rhythm before me. The other guy told him if he wants to do me but the cleaning guy said he does not want to because he would not do that to another guy’s gf (it was good that he thought we were a couple) before the other guy can say anything I just said “Yes, that is nice of you and for that you get this…” I then started licking him and twirling my tough on the head. I then started putting the head in my mouth, doing small sucks until I allowed more of his hardness in my mouth. I then started building a rhythm and with my free hand massaging his balls. I asked him to tell me if he was going to cum and continued giving him oral. There was a time that I didn’t have to do anything anymore because he was doing the pumping on my mouth. I just had to make sure that he would not push it too deep that I would gag. He then told me he was going to cum and I stopped sucking him and just pumped and it exploded with a big part hitting my chest. I finished him off, and then I stood up and got tissue to wipe off all the cum. They cleaned themselves off as well and the cleaning guy just said that he will leave and he will just wait of us outside and that we should not leave together. After he left the guy was helping me out with wiping the cum off part of my back and was asking about me, while I was busy cleaning up.

After I was all clear of cum, I was going to put my bra on when he asked me if he could have it. He said that is was just fitting since I have no panties anyway and my dress won’t shot that I had no bra on. I was reluctant but I just again shrugged and gave it to him. He left, and then I finished dressing up and after a few minutes left as well. I got hungry and he ordered food for me but I said I would just bring it home. We left the place and he walked me over to my ride and parted ways. It really felt weird getting him without underwear and I made sure to use my bag to cover my chest in case my nipples being seen.

For the guy I met in the bus, we met a few more times and fooled around a few more times. In terms of bed performance, I would say he is not that good. What really excited me and I guess maybe his lovers were the way he would make it exciting. When we did try it in a private place like checking in, it was really ordinary. That made me not contact him again. As for the cleaning crew guy, according to the guy I met in the bus, he tried getting him back to try a threesome (which I didn’t know so good for him) but he either finished his contract or got assigned to another branch or to make it simple was not there anymore. This is very convenient for me since I do stop there once a while.

That concludes part 2 and my 10th crazy thing. I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading.