Hello, this is a very long overdue story but I got very busy with work and other stuff. This might be a long one but I hope you enjoy this. This happened quite a few months ago….well more than a few months ago when I was going home from work a little late. I was a little tense today because something happened earlier that is making me feel uneasy as I sit in the bus. There is a quick story about it….

12 hours earlier….

My bf (my Real Bf, not the other “crazy” guys I met) picked me up from my house to drive me to work. He was going to a place, or came from a place (I don’t remember) and was eager to see me. We had a quick meal and as we were walking to the car, he noticed that the outfit I had was sexy. For me it was nothing but he said that the dress I was wearing combined with the jacket was getting him really aroused. Since he was my bf, of course that really flattered me and I was teasing him by giving his hardness a few touches, looking at him seductively, and kissing him. He was just wearing shorts and his bulge was really showing and he would move behind me and make me feel it. I was getting really turned on and both of us were getting really turned on that we decided to do a quickie in his car. It was roomy and we really didn’t need that much space. He lifted my dress, and in his haste to take them off, he ripped it. I didn’t care about it that time because all I wanted was his hardness in me which he did ram into me and gave it to be hard and fast. After I came twice, it was his turn to cum…in my mouth then we continued on to my place of work. He was still a little hot so he was still touching my clit on the way (which made me cum again) until we are about to head my office. I just kept the panties in my bag and went to work. When I went to the ladies room to put it on, only then did I notice that it was ripped! My bf was really that excited, no wonder I heard a little ripping sound and was quite surprised he got me off my panties that fast. I was a little mad because he ripped my panties (duh!) he should have just moved them aside but I can’t cry over spilled milk. Shrugging, I thought that it was just a normal day where people will not notice me so I just threw it away and worked without panties until we finished our shift. So there, back to the main story.

Present time (after shift)…

So I was on the bus, and I was now starting to feel uneasy that I have no panties. It started bugging me on lunchtime and I was glad I am already on my way home. As I was busy zoning out, this guy sits beside me, he started by slowing sneaking rubs at my leg. I was not really minding him at first because I was really so uneasy with me having no panties but the bus was really moving slow for some reason. I was hoping to have a quick journey home and it apparently was not. Also adding to the matter was that I forgot my mp3 player so I cannot really zone out and the guy started chatting me up. He started by fixing the aircon and asking if it was ok, I then replied yes, then that gave him the opening to keep asking questions. I didn’t want to be impolite but I was being quite short with my answers until from the questions he was asking it seemed that we once worked as call center agents before. That gave a little bit of lightness recalling old frustrations and such until the topic of wild parties and happenings started to creep in. He was asking about wild things in the office to which I just give general answers, while he on the other hand was giving me a very graphic account of all his stories. He was getting a little excited by this, and honestly I was getting curious as well and he was able to ask the questions to make me elaborate my stories and we were getting really excited. He was also getting a bit touchy with me but I was not really minding it at first but it was getting a bit more frequent. He was then asking me, what are the things I have done, I really didn’t answer his questions by asking him instead and he would give it to me in detail. He would tell me that he has this fetish for dangerous places, it could be making out or full sex but he is a bit of an exhibitionist. I was asking him like what? I was shocked when he was slowly moving his hands on my thigh. I was a little scared, but he had this way of just saying “it’s ok….it’s ok….” Then he was asking me if it felt good, I said it was weird but he just kept going. He was getting really close to my crotch area and I was so scared and moved his hand away, he stopped for a bit, but then started again. He was saying that he knows I am not averse to this, I was saying things like I am not safe, and I am not comfortable but he said the fact I didn’t slap him was indication it has happened before. I was countering everything I said and in one way or the other was able to reach the sides. His eyes got really big when he felt that I didn’t have any panties on. He told me I was bad girl while all I was left to say was “Hindi kasi ganun, may nangyari kanina kaya ganito, hindi ito sinasadya.” He made me recount in detail what happened but what I didn’t notice (though I felt it) was that he was slowly moving towards me and was slowly playing with my crotch area already. I was going to move it away again but he was able to really get it there and was already hitting my clit. With a dress and then my naked skin, it was easy to get to my clit and I was speechless. He started using the soothing words he did that it was ok and started to build a rhythm.

As he was touching my clit, I was getting really uneasy with the mixture of fear, humiliation, and pleasure. All I did was put my hands on the backrest in front of me (I am not sure how to say it in English but ito yung sa harap ng bus kung saan nakaupo yung sa harap mo) I was gripping it tightly as he continued his rhythm. It was also getting faster and he would lean in to me and whisper dirty things and his other hand would sneak gropes at my breast. He then took it a step further by now reaching inside my skirt and touch my clit with nothing to cover it. He was also steadily getting faster in faster in flicking my clit. I was just silent, not moaning, not saying anything but I would sometimes look around. I noticed a few older guys looking at me, some not noticing what it happening. I would smile at some, some I do not make eye contact. There were some guys leaving the bus and they would see what is happening then would look at me and smile. I would just avoid their looks but as I got hotter I got bolder. I would now look at them too, sometimes in a pleading manner, sometimes in a mataray look to just ignore me (depends on the person who sees). This continued on until I came. I came really hard and I almost drew blood when I bit my lip. He stopped the fast flicking but he continued to massage my wetness which still felt good.

I told him it was my stop already and he said it was his same stop too, our 2nd rides will be on opposite sides and he invited me to eat at a fast food as a thank you. I was going to refuse but what he did made me spend a lot of energy and I felt hungry. I accepted and I just got a table, which he asked me to change and then he ordered for us. When we started eating, there were almost no people in the fast food save some occasional couple, a few old people having a midnight snack and some people grabbing quick bites to eat or to take home. We were still talking and his hands were getting a bit adventurous again. I was telling him to stop but he told me he will stop if I do it to him. I was scared but it seemed he chose a good spot (that was why he was looking around the area before asking me to sit) he got my hand to his crotch, where he himself undid his pants and pulled his thing out. It was already semi hard and I started to pump it up and down. I was steadily building my own rhythm and he would sneak occasional touches at my clit but it was mainly me. My main goal was to make him cum as fast as possible so we can go. This in turn was very similar to my experience with DEW in another fast food (See my previous story about this) and I just was touching me. There was an old guy who sat close to us and I stopped but he asked me to continue. I was a little hesitant but I just followed. He didn’t seem to notice anything but then someone who I think is his wife came to him and was eyeing us. I then stopped and told the guy that this is not safe. He was still asking my but I flat out refused and threatened I was leaving. He was looking around and then he was making hand signals to a cleaning guy near the cr. He then left me for a quick moment and he came back and told me that we have a place. I said I am not going to a motel with him, and he laughed and said “We are not going to a motel. In fact, we are not leaving this fast food.” I was just dumbfounded and he held my hand and we walked towards…….

That is Part 1 guys. I decided to put some dramatic flair into the story by cutting it in 2 parts because it seemed to be getting a little long already. Part 2 in a bit =)