AN: Trying my hand out in fantasy erotica. Enjoy!

Her green, sturdy armor glinted in the golden sunlight piercing through the foliage above. Bow at the ready, her stern eyes dart to and fro through the deep gloom of the woodland forest. Her breathing never tires, especially when an elf, especially someone like her, is on the prowl. Yet not even her elven senses did she percieve how dangerous this hunt could be, and how it could be her last one for the rest of her immortal life.

"Lady Isharia, I demand to be sent out for this mission, to bring honour and glory to our tribe as a Freewarden of the Shien!" Announced a young, lithe elf. Her quiver is already strapped against her back, the cords going in between her supple breasts. Her name was Llethalys.

The war room contained only the upstart young elf and the Lady of their Clan, Isharia.

"Llethalys, please. This mission is too dangerous even for you! I trust in your abilities but--" bu the Lady's soft voice was cut off by another outrage.

"But, what? That I will fail this mission and die?!", Llethalis angrily told the Lady. "That I... I am too incompetent for such a task?"

"Llethalys...," the Lady's voice was no longer gentle. "No. Listen to me. These orcs... They're not just the normal kind that pillage and destroy... These orcs kidnap women... Young women like you... And they use them for their nefarious plans."

"Then I will do my best to defeat them! I cannot stand idly by while I watch the countryside's women be kidnapped by filthy orcs!" And Llethalys took her bow from the table and sped off outside, out into the quiet, dark forest.

The forest was bristling with life. Llethalys, having trained in the Ways of the Freewardens for most of her hildhood years, knows the gloom ahead of her like the palm of her long, slender hands. She scanned from every treetop and underbrush in the dank woods. Her green armor, sturdy enough to protect from blows yet still stylish and sensual, blends against the green foliage of the woods.

Her long ears picked up nothing for the next couple of hours, until dusk, when the stars above are the only things that give light, revealed to her pinpricks of light -- torches -- in the distance. She hurriedly ran to where the torches are stood and scouted the area.

What she found, to her disappointment, are mere humans. Clad in the leather-and-iron armor of the Imperials, show that these are soldiers of the Grand Army. Thinking to depart away from the camp, Llethalys held her bow again and prepared to take off when she heard the one word she was looking for: Orcs.

She got back within earshot of the humans and layed down silently amongst the underbrush.

"...aye, those orcs. My neighbour lost his daughter to those filthy beasts a couple of nights ago. Snuck in right under the guards' noses! And then there was the screaming. Oh, that gods-awful screaming. We followed to orcs to the forest, deep enough to find the caves those animals hid in, and then, as sure as death, I heard the young farmer girl's screams..."

A cave!, thought Llethalys. There are only a few caves in the forest, I should get to them immediately. I might be able to save the kidnapped women!

But just before she was able to stand up, heavy, gloved hands held her shoulders down. "What have we here, an Elven spy!"