In a few minutes my plane will be landing to the Country that gave me a lot of opportunities. This place that will always be special, this place where I finds love and have received so much love back….I look at the photo in my hands…it was our old picture… my eyes starts to be watery, but I remains to be blissful. I’m near already my love, the distance that separated us will be gone and I assure that I will make up for my years absence…Finally our wait will be over.

* * ** *

Hi! I’m Rika Mhae Watanabe, a talent/entertainer in Japan and have been here for almost 4 years. Going back and forth, since the club(omise) I have been working with, always request my boss(Sacho) at the agency to send me back. I guess, having a mestiza look and a sweet singing voice, have seduced my loyal and big-time patrons or clients.

I’m also flattered when people mistaken me as a relative to Ms. Marian Rivera (Filipina actress which previous holds the title #1 FHM sexies woman). Just turned 22 and considered as veteran in the industry, I’m fully acquainted with the norms of Japanese men, which add up to my appeal and allure to even Yakusa’s top men. Thus, I’m not surprise, being number 1 income-drawer of the club.

Even other Filipina co-workers were usually the favorites of Japanese men. Our charms as a race were unequaled by other race who also work in this industry. If there’s one who I consider who is at par with my charisma (sometimes I think she could even surpass me), she will be Kikay. She is also a singer at my workplace and with her enchanting voice, she was able to captivates many patrons as well at the club.
Kikay is my roommate, though I do prefer to be alone, I agreed to share my living space to her. Since our dwelling is provided by the club, it was my boss who commanded for us to cohabitate. Looking at things, I’m still lucky, because my room is not as pack as my other workmates.

As time passes by, I find that we have a lot of commons and similarities. We both like to keep our place tidy and given that we are both singers we enjoy our own seclusion from the rest. Our bond got stronger, with our small chit-chats and our conversation about life. Even the topic of sex is no longers a taboo between us.

Besides having similarities between me and Kikay, one of the reason I agreed to share the room with her because I felt at easy with her. I don’t know why I have such sentiments…I presume maybe because I saw in her what I used to be when I was starting at this industry.

I have met Kikay before we became workmate…I still remember the first time I saw her at the agency. I was renewing may contract while for her it will be the 1st time. Her face exudes innocence while her hands and body conveys nervousness. Her reaction was quite normal; this is a new and different world. Often times, our countrymen sensational horror or tragic stories, involved in our kind of work. Instead of people praising our sacrifice, we are being bash and a stigma hounds us.

I sat beside her, since it’s the only chair that was vacant. Being friendly and veteran in such job, I tried to strike a conversation with her.

“Hi, I have observed you for a while it seems that this is your first time right?”

“Yes” (She show a restricted smile )”

“By the way, I’m Mhae and you?”

“I’m Kikay”

“Wow your hands were cold…nervous?”

“You guess it right”

“Well I can understand what you feel right now, since I was like that during my audition for the singer post.”

“Ok..Girls ! Mag-ready na kayo. Magsisimula na.” Mami myra

Then one of the staff of agency walk-in and announce that the audition will start anytime from now. Thus most of the applicant started to retouch their face make-up. After few hours, they have announced who are going to proceed to the next level. Most of the applicants failed to get the nod of the judges. After 5 applicants it was Kikay's turn. I stayed for a while, was just to listen to her and I know by listening to her she will be in. Since I was only for renewal, I did not stay long at the agency and gone ahead first

It was quite an angelic voice and with her such virginal looks, men will fall for her. When result came in, she is the one of her batch able to make it. After few weeks, I received a notice that my Japan visa was approved. Soon after that, the agency also called us to inform us that our tickets were already arranged and ready for pick-up. (It also includes our assigned club and flight schedules.)

* * ** *

At the day of our flight I saw Kikay and other talents of the agency at the Airport terminal. I’m acquainted with most of the talents since they were like me who had their contract renewed. It’s normal phenomena, that their love ones accompany them and some even cries. As for Kikay, I notice that she was with an attractive guy or I should say a man who was oozing with sex appeal. His body has definition and his eyes were very seductive. His smile show a little bit of naughtiness inside him. My guess was either he is Kikay's boyfriend or husband.

The couple notice that I’m observing them, thus I wave and smile. They start to walk to my location…

“Hi Mhae!!! I have make it.”

“I’m not surprise, cause I hear you sing that day before I left."

“By the way, I like to introduce to you my live-in partner, Jake…Ah Jake baby, she is Candy, one of my coworker in Japan.

“Hi, Jake nga pala.. ( Palihim na kumindat ) nice to meet you and please take care of my Kikay babe for me while in Japan.

“Jake!!! (embarrass but yet giggling)”

“Sure!!! (saying it with a smile)” Agad kong hinila ang kamay ko sa matagal na pagkakahawak ni Jake

“Tshhh.... Napaghahalataan” Sa isip isip ko nalang

We continue our chat until we have to separate since we need to check in at the Airport terminal.

While waiting for our boarding time, Kikay and I continued our chat. She has a ton of questions, about work and everything about Japan. It’s not an odd thing, cause it’s her first time going to Japan and more so, it’s her first time going out of the country. I patiently answer all her questions and even gave some tips on the Japanese culture and how to handle our customers in the club.

Luckily we were seatmate in the plane, so our conversation continued on and on..

“Alam mo first time ko sumakay ng eroplano” She said

“Hahaha... ganun ba! Are you scared?”

“Haha Hindi naman. Medyo lang”

From Manila it took us around 4 hours to arrive at Narita, so while in flight we fall asleep.

* * * * *

Weeks have pass since we have arrived in Japan. At first, sign of culture shock can be seen from Kikay but being young, she quickly learns the tricks of the trade. She definitely has a nice voice and I think if ever there would be competition, it is likely that she’ll be my contender. In short span of time, it is noticeable that she was able to attract an ample size of the big-time clienteles. Nevertheless, no matter how the turn of events, she remains grounded and focus.

“Bhe.. Humahataw ka ah”

“Hindi naman”

“Nakita ko monthly quota natin. Top-2 ka na”

“Talaga bhe?”

“Oo bhe kaya tuwang tuwa sila sayo. Kaya ipagpatuloy mo yan”

“Naku kung hindi din dahil sayo hindi ko ma-hihit yan”

“O sya bago tayo magkabolahan. bilisanmo na dyan at gutom na ako”

“Oo Bhe.. Eto na”

After few minutes lumabas na kami ng DressingRoom

“Jaahh.. Otsukaresamadesu.”

“Haii.. Otsukaresamadeshta.” Sacho

On her 3rd month, that was the time when Sacho requested that I share my rooms to Kikay. The said scheme, made us both closer and relaxed, like the spring season our friendship blossoms. During our chit-chat during work off, I learned some bits and pieces of her past…her life. I learned she has 3 siblings and she was the youngest. They all have different fathers. Her brother, the eldest siblings among siblings, was a result of a rape. A rich Chinese employer of her mother was his father but never given acknowledge of his brother. Her sister (2nd sibling) was a love child of her mother to a gang leader. The leader was killed in ambush two days before their set wedding. As for Kikay, she was only 4 years old when his father left their mother for another woman.

“Grabeeee.. Naloka ako sa istorya ng buhay mo”

“Oo.. bhe totoo ng lahat ng yan” Mahinang wika nito na namumugto ang mga mata.

“Ohhh! Kawaiiso :( Halika ka nga dito hug nalang kita.”She smiled and Hug me tight.

“Love you bhe”

“Love you more bhe”

We decided to eat at one of the Yakiniku in the area. While dinning, I can't help asking about Jake.Kikay seems to love Jake that much, that most of what we have talk about was him.

Jake was her 1st boyfriend. Though Jake was good looking it had a hard time courting Kikay. I believe she has fear of having a relationship with a guy cause by dysfunctional family she has. Kikay later admitted that she went to a relationship to Jake out of convenience or practicality. Jake was from well-off family, but she know that he can’t marry her. Jake’s parents was against to their relationship while Jake was philanderer. That why, when she see a chance to work abroad she grabs the opportunity without hearing any objection from Jake. On her 5th month stay in Japan, Kikay call-off quits with Jake, as she discover thru her friends in the Philippines, that Jake impregnated another woman.

I also start to change because of Kikay, I learned to saved up portion of my income. I also began to enjoy to traveling around from time to time.

Later, we agreed to go back at the inn we booked to stay for overnight. It was noticeable that we lose our control and inhibitions. The festival attract a lot of Japanese national tourist as a result most hotels or inns were packed. Thus we get a room that was left. Besides the room being small we have to share beds with each other. Our bodies were fully covered for us to able to stand the autumn temperature, but the room was cozy so we changed to our comfy sleeping clothes.

It’s been an hour, since we tuck ourselves at the comfort of our bed when suddenly, then I find myself kissing Kikay's warm lips. I pause for a moment trying to sense her reaction. She was awake and kept silent. My heart starts to beat very fast, afraid that she was mad, instead she smiled and kiss back.

“Uhmmm.. mmm”

The kiss was full of passion and makes my body warmer. I started to caress her face and long hair while her hands touch the curve of my back. My skin became more sensitive that I can feel every strands of her fine silky body hair when her arms touch my shoulder as we cuddle.

We got lost with our emotion, a mix of confusion and bliss. One by one, our covers falls, exposing our bodies to warm-up our inner senses. The room was gently lighted that I can see her beautiful curves, her delicate body and milky colored skin. I place my hands in her shoulder, softly moving, going to her back, cuddling the woman I think I have fallen in love.

I can feel her heat as if she was having fever. I gazed to her eyes and I found an assurance that she likes everything that was happening.

My head goes to her peaks, caressing each of its crowns as if there’s milk to nurture my soul. This makes her gasp for more air. She catches my hands and pushes it lower until it reaches the place where she hides her pearl of ecstasy. I felt that her womb was already wet with her woman essence, making it easier for my finger to slide in. Every movement I made sends electricity of euphoria within her.

I was in trance hoping this dream state would not end and then I was blown away when she swings her fingers to the center of my womanhood and started to thrust in and out. I felt a merge of our feelings, make us gasping and going deeper to paradise.

“Ohhhhh.. Bheeeee”

We were both breathing hard as we drift to this enchanting ritual. The room got filled with sounds like angels in chorus and our reverie comes flowing like a river.

To be continued . . .


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.