My name is Marcus. And this was my life. Well, my dark secret past. Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict. Ang kuwento na ito ay hindi maaaring kopyahin sa anumang paraan, nang walang ipinahayag na pahintulot ng may-akda sa pamamagitan ng anumang mga pamamaraan na magagamit. Karapatang magpalathala ng otor.

It is in my humble opinion that every woman wants to be controlled by the right dominant man.
Whether she is a successful career person or a caring housewife, it is embedded in their DNA that the man should control her and it is her duty to submit to the man.


It is her choice alone.

She chooses the situation to be controlled.

She chooses the man who will dominate her.

This is the story of Ms. J and me. She is my submissive and I am her Master. This is our story - well, sort of.

FSS Chatroom. Whispering.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: pabulong
Ms. J: what?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: pa.whisper
Ms. J: ok

Nakilala ko si Ms. J sa FSS. Masarap siya kabulongan kaya nagka.interest ako sa kanya.

Bakasyonista siya sa bansa. Ginawa niya ang maging turista sa lupang hinirangan. She went to different beaches and tourist spots in Luzon and Visayas. Ito ang naging topic namin sa bulongan. She even emailed me pictures of her adventures with her family.

One picture caught my lustful attention. A silhouette figure in the beach with a setting sun in the background. She looks gorgeous. Or shall I say, the silhouette looks gorgeous. Di ko makikila ang mukha nya. Ang galing ng photographer, black sexy figure lang talaga ang mapapansin.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: are you shaved? (bigla ko siyang tinanong)
Ms. J: Nope. Waxed.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: very nice
Ms. J: Yes. Every saturday at Lay Bare.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: impressive. I like that.

She is a confident woman with a mind of her own. Opinionated and adventurous. Young but wise enough. Sexy yet reserved. Introvert. And Bored.

It got me thinking. She is a woman who prefers to straightforward questions rather than going around the bush.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: can i ask you something?
Ms. J: sure
xxx_marcuss_xxx: are you a submissive person?
Ms. J: No. i think I am not. lol.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: hmmmmm.
Ms. J: y?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: because i want you to be my submissive.
Ms. J: seriously?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: Yes. I am. i think you are a submissive deep inside. outside, you might look driven and aggresive. but deep inside, you want a man to control you.
Ms. J: Hahaha. Maybe.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: And i am pretty sure this excites you now. It is something new to you yet you want to explore the possibilities. hahaha
Ms. J: lol. what will i do?

We discussed more on the possibilities of the relationship. Right there and then I created my rules. I listed fifteen commandments. She consented to twelve.

Ms. J: what are the punishments?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: that would depend on your sins.
Ms. J: tell me.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: y?
Ms. J: i want to know some examples.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: there could be spanking, rope tying, flogging, humiliation and sexual activities.
Ms. J: is that even possible?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: that will depend on your honesty and trust to me. we'll see what will happen.

After FSS we chatted in Viber. Few more discussions and assurances. I made sure that she understood the role. I promised her that I would be respectful of her body and her soul. She will not go through any harmful activities unless she consents. Instead, she will transform to the woman that she always wants to become.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: do u trust me?
Ms. J: i dunno. you are scary.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: dont worry. you always have the right to end the relationship. Just ask for your freedom and I will let you go. I will not come after you, ever.
Ms. J: ok.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: I want to give you your first assignment.
Ms. J: already? What is it?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: go to the toilet. take off your undies. go back to work wearing nothing underneath.
Ms. J: seriously?

Ms. J was amused. How can she let this man tell her to do things? She cannot believe herself doing his task. No panties at work!

She thought Fifty Shades is just a book and a movie!

She stopped replying to him. The team meeting will be in an hour and she does not want to be distracted.


Deep inside, she want to do it. Something's telling her to try. There is no harm in doing it. She laughed at the thought of her pantyless at work. At her first team meeting at that.

From the toilet to the meeting room, Ms. J glided as she walked. As she entered the room, she blushed and felt nervous.

"Damn you Marcus!" she silently cursed.

"How can you make me do this shit"

She was wearing her business attire. Stilettos. Black pencil skirt. White blouse on top.

She was surveying at her team members, especially the guys. She crossed her legs with unease.

"Mapapansin kaya ng mga tao?" she tought.

One guy was staring at her. Another was looking under her.

"Damn it, baka obvious nga! Hahaha" she laughed silently.

The thought of her naked in the roomful of people actually excites her. She becomes conscious of every eyes looking through her. She can feel the warmth of her legs. She was sweating under.



She was wet.

She cannot believe she was aroused.

"Damn it Marc"

xxx_marcuss_xxx: good morning sub. how was your work?

a few minutes more...

Ms. J: You are crazy. I was nervous and uncomfortable.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: but?
Ms. J: but what?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: but then?
Ms. J: I was enjoying it. I was wet. Nobody knows I am wet and wears no panty.
xxx_marcuss_xxx: hahaha

Dito nagsimula ang relationship namin. I gave her more tasks and she completed most of them. She accepted punishments from me too.

I made her write in her skin words like "my body is Master's propert".

I even denied her orgasm when she played for me. I don't know if she really did not cum but I trusted her.

She was scared but she was starting to trust me. She knows this is a play that she has full control over. She knows anytime she can end this game.

Days. Weeks passed. We enjoyed every moment of our game.

xxx_marcuss_xxx: good morning sub. i have a surprise for you.
Ms. J: good morning Sir. what is it?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: I will be traveling to Manila tomorrow. Business meeting. will you join me at the hotel?
Ms. J: really? where are u staying?
xxx_marcuss_xxx: Microtel inside UP Technohub. Be with me.
Ms. J: we'll see

Excited ako. It was an opportunity to see Ms. J. I want her to level up to new submission. I planned for some physical and sexual activities.

"Sana pumayag siya."

All I need is her consent.

I packed up a few extra things for my kinky weekend. A rope. Scarf. Oils. Scents.

And I bought my gift for her - a collar-like black choker that would look nice on her neck.

I arrived at the hotel exhausted with Manila traffic. Took a quick shower and rested in bed.

My phone rang.

"I am at the lobby." says Ms. J.

This is it.

I fetched her at the lobby and led her to the room. The big matrimonial bed was inviting but she preferred to sit on the chair. She is scared.

I hold her hands. Made her stand in front of me and hugged her tight.

"This is the best moment of my life."

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I can finally touch you."

I ran my hand from her hip to her waist. Slowly, I slid my palms at her back up to her shoulders. Feeling her radiance and heat.

I hold her neck and smelled her.

"Ang bango mo."

I kissed her collar bone. She shivered.

I kissed her neck. She melted and raised her head. Offering them to me.

I kissed her mouth and savored her taste. She surrendered totally.

Slowly I lowered my hand to her behind and pressed them passionately.

"No undies?" This was my instructions to her yesterday.

"Yes Sir and newly waxed."

"Hmmmm. You are a very good but naughty sub."

"Yes Sir." she moaned.

I turned her around. Her butt cheeks pressing on my manhood.

I pressed my hard cock back.

"Do you want to cum tonight sub?"

"Yes please Sir. I want you to make me cum." she craved.


"Because only you can own my orgasm Sir."

"Close your eyes." I instructed.

She complied.

I reached for my tie on the table. Blindfolded her.

I can feel her excitement. Her breathing has become unsteady.

As I kissed her nape, I slowly slid my right hand under her dress.

My left hand cupping her left breast. Gently. Firmly.

As my right hand reached between her smooth thighs, my fingers were drawn to her waxed pussy. Dripping wet. Soaked.

I touched her button once and she shivered. Her legs buckled.

"Did you came?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did I tell you to cum?"

"No Sir." telling me with a sweet smile. "Im sorry Marc. Di ko kinaya ang sarap."

"hmmmm. Alam mo ang consequence?"

"I deserve to be punished Sir."